HELP on file input

Version 2 based on BALSAC, (C) K. Hermann (FHI)

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The SURFACE EXPLORER allows you to visualize (hkl) indexed surfaces of commonly known single crystals using various options. The screen image can also be downloaded as a color PostScript file to be used for publication quality print output. Input is accepted by either filling in the form (upper part of the input page) or by providing explicit BALSAC file format input inside the file area (lower part of the input page, only for the experienced user).

"Input File (Balsac Format):" at the lower part of the input page starts the file input form. Here clicking "Balsac Format" gives the full definition of the BALSAC file format taken from the original BALSAC manual. The file input area (with scroll bars) accepts ASCII characters and numbers according to the BALSAC file format by either keyboard or cut/paste input. Visualizing an incorrect input file shows a separate page starting with "FILE ERROR" which is followed by an area with the present file input text and an error message reading BALSAC FILE ERROR - reading Card N, (Line M) at the bottom where N refers to the sequence of input lines in the BALSAC file format definition while M denotes the line number in the file input area. The definition of the BALSAC file format can be obtained by clicking "Balsac Format" at the top of the page. Click "VISUALIZE FILE" BUTTON to check the input given in the file area for correctness and to start the visualization of the lattice section on the OUTPUT PAGE: - generate PostScript picture file of the surface (may be downloaded) - display screen image (GIF format) of the surface (optional) Click "CLEAR FILE INPUT" BUTTON to clear all input inside the file input area allowing you to start with input from scratch. Click "PREVIOUS INPUT" BUTTON to replace the present input inside the file input area by the text shown when the page was opened. This allows you to return to your original file input after you have made too many corrections. Click "RETURN TO FORM" to return to the original input page and to start from scratch. Click "HELP" to show the present help page. The authors of SURFACE EXPLORER can be reached by e-mail clicking "Klaus Hermann (scientific)" if you have scientific questions and "Fritz Rammer (technical)" if you need technical assistance.

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